Our experienced security guard team is pleased to be at your disposal. In the course of preparation and when it is time for shooting our operatives can perform the following tasks (as required):

  • Complex traffic management, incuding placement of temporary traffic signs at the future shooting location
  • Keeping the areas of the set, the technical base and the crew parking clear and surveilled
  • Controlling and restricting traffic of civilians
  • Ensuring safe and smooth transportation and shifting of the crew at the locations
  • Full and partial closure of private and/or public roads (main and side roads, motorways) with the assistance of sings- and/or policemen
  • Facilitating parking and dropping off of crew vehicles at the shooting locations

Location Team Hungary is available to manage the complete administration of permissions relating to the above and other activies (such as permit to use public spaces, restricted area permit, preparing and licensing traffic management plans). For further information please click here: Administration of permissions

Why is our presence necessary?

In our experience the presence of adequate number of security guards will increase the comfort of the crew and the production to a great extent, so each and every member of the crew can easily focus on their jobs. Furthermore, our presence will ensure that the arrival, the parking and the shift of the crew on the spot is as smooth and convenient as possible. In addition, our colleagues are at the disposal of the crew with important information about the actual location and applicable rules (if any, e.g. rules in the set, transport possibilities between the technical base and the set).