Our Health and Safety (HSA) Team – with 15 years experience particularly in relation to health and safety management of small- and medium enterprises and film shootings – is pleased to be at your disposal. When preparing the shooting location and on the spot we can perform the following tasks (as required):

–          Exploring the actual work area, preparation of a preliminary risk assessment;

–          Preventive alignment/discussions about the compliance and the enforcement of HSA rules and policies;

–          Establishing a complex risk evaluation for the production, for each location and for each activity;

–          On the basis of the on-site review, recording and presenting the rights and obligations of all agents and employees of the production, in all cases taking into consideration the relevant laws, regulations;

–          On-site HSA services, coordination of activities based on their specific risks, surveillance of the activities of departments or sections in order to prevent accidents;

–          Organizing HSA trainings, focusing on the typical dangers of the activity or area;

–          Providing complex HSA services in relation to film shooting;

–          Investigation and complete administration of accidents and damages;

–          Integrated establishment of complex HSA documentation and promotional materials, in line with the already existing management structure and standards.

Our primary task is to perform complex HSA services for the production on the basis of the relevant regulations, legal provisions, to represent the rights and the interest of the production and to prevent any instances of damages or accidents. By using our services you can prevent any claims resulting from eventual inconsiderate decisions. The preparation of the detailed documentation – in compliance with the applicable legislation and laws and also holding the related training, not just simply fulfill an obligation, but contribute also to the smooth and predictable operation of the production.